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The composition of horse milk

Horse milk is the milk type that is closest in composition to human milk.

Horse milk resembles the albumin, milk sugar (=lactose), mineral and micronutritient composition of mother’s milk. Iron and vitamin C contents are higher in horse milk.


Horse milk is just 1.3 % fat and most of the essential fatty acids are polyunsaturated. This definitely adds to the biological value of horse milk – and of horse milk cosmetics.


The lactose carbohydrate content in horse milk amounts to 6.3 per cent, which makes horse milk an excellent energy booster.


Horse milk contains an average 2.2 % of albumin. It is very high in special albumins, such as fat-, albumin- and sugar-fermentation albumins (enzymes), which are important for the biochemical regulation of all our metabolic processes.

Vitamins and trace elements

Horse milk contains many vitamins A-B1-B2-B6-B12-B13-C-D-E and K and the IGA and lysozyme immunity substances.

Horse milk has a sweet taste.


Comparison of the composition of other milk types:

Human Mare Cow Sheep Goat
Albumin 1,5 2,1 3,5 5,2 3,8
Fat 4,0 1,3 3,4 6,2 4,1
Milk sugar 6,9 6,3 4,6 4,2 4,4
Residues 0,3 0,4 0,8 0,9 1,9