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Paardenmelkerij 't Kattenheye




Our milk mares live together with their foals in a large troop. During the night, they graze together in the meadow and, in the daytime, they can run in and out the stables and eat without restraint. Their wellbeing, health and good nourishment are of paramount importance to us. Regular social contact with other horses is crucial to the mares and for the upbringing of the foals. When the foals are six weeks old, they learn, step by step, to be separated from their mothers’ udders in the daytime. While we milk the mares, the foals remain in their own group, with high-quality, healthy feed at their disposal. They always stay with their mothers overnight.


In 1997 we started, like real pioneers, to make a dream come true. We decided to milk our Haflinger mares, sell the milk and set up our own horse dairy farm. Since then, the experiences of people drinking – and using - horse milk have provided us with a better insight into the possible uses of horse milk. Through this ‘hands-on’ knowledge and expertise, we’re well placed to provide the right advice.
Paardenmelkerij 't Kattenheye

Our historic, peacefully situated farmstead has been rebuilt into a paradise for our Haflingers. To best replicate the mare’s natural habitat, we’ve constructed open-run stables. In summer, the mares and foals are at pasture in 30 hectares of grassland around the farm.

Day in, day out, we’re concerned about the quality of our products and the well-being of our precious Haflinger horses. The milk they produce alleviates the health concerns of many. This is an enormous stimulus for us to persevere with the hard work of running the farm.